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MNE, transliteration search, meaning the journey of seeking incense, is taken from the memory goddess Manemosyne in ancient Greek mythology. In Greek civilization, people regard memory as a God with respect. The goddess of Manemosyne, the wife of Zeus, the king of gods, gave birth to nine daughters with Zeus, the famous Muse goddess. She is the embodiment of memory and the soul of MNE brand.

MNE continues the wisdom of the Goddess of Memory and inherits the use of incense in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. She is flexible and living. She travels between time and space, free from restraint, but has traces to follow. She can evoke those smelling memories that belong to everyone. Her memory is not only the taste, but also the long history. It is also the eternal value of the brand. She will win the worship of the world with the special beauty of memory.


MNEBr and introduction

 MNE, transliteration, meaning a journey to seek incense, is taken from the memory goddess Monemosyne in ancient Greek mythology (ancient Greek: _, English: Mnemosyne). Monemosyne was the wife of Zeus, the king of gods, and the mother of nine muses, who were in charge of memory. MNE brand, representing the high quality essential oil, is the founder of the integration of Western fragrance culture and Chinese fragrance culture, is the combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology, is an excellent first brand in the space fragrance industry.

MNE, in line with the concept of "smell the world with brand sense", starts with the concept of space, and launches all kinds of products such as fragrance essential oil, fire free fragrance, perfume and so on. It is committed to promoting the creation of environment aromatherapy products and a new way of life to every living space. It provides a new way to improve air quality for high-quality customers such as individuals, hotels and enterprises, and brings a new concept of healthy breathing. Let breathing be a kind of enjoyment, let olfactory marketing become a way. Bring a natural fresh flavor to the people in the city, and leave a deep impression on the fragrance of both the customers who rush past and the enthusiastic fans.

MNE, each drop originates from the world famous aromatherapy raw material origin, each product is the masterpiece carefully studied by the aromatherapist. Essential oil components contained in aromatherapy are extracted from plants. The products are natural and environmentally friendly. They add interest and vitality to people’s working and living space, and make people’s body and mind reach a pure and comfortable state. They are the art of the combination of body, mind and spirit. Fragrance is no longer a luxury, but a reflection of human values. MNE hopes to help hotels or enterprises create a new image of smell brand through "olfactory marketing". It will lead people to enter the era of sensory experience and use the sense of smell to perceive the brand world, so as to truly achieve a new realm of "smell brand".